Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Start of Something New!

Well since moving out to California, it hasn't really felt like HOME yet, so I have decided to give my bedroom a complete makeover! 
I am looking to make the room feel warm and cozy, so I decided to go with more neutral colors.

*Colors: White, beige (all shades), silver, cream, gray, gold, and hint of pink to give it something!*

I have posted some pictures that has inspired my new bedroom look! Enjoy ;)

Love the colored accent pieces

I need to hunt down that mirror!!

I love everything about this room. Getting the pillows, blanket and rug is a must!

This will be the color of my largest walls and the rest will be the light beige to help the other colors stand out!


  1. Love the bedroom designed by Amber - one of my favorite designer/bloggers. I'm a midwest girl who moved to CA a little over a year ago, too! ;) Thanks for following my blog, now a follower of yours! xo

  2. love all these pictures. Especially the hot pink room-
    your captcha is still on hun xx



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