Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time to get Cabo ready!

So at the end of March I will be taking a trip to Cabo with the family for a spring break vacation. I have purchased a ton of new swim suits for VS just for this occasion and I need to be bikini ready!

It's all about eating healthy and staying active. I have posted some of my common meals I do eat to and what I do to help keep track of it all!


I am addicited to salads with the ingredients pictured below:
*Spring Mix Lettuce
*One of the Bolthouse Farm yogurt dressing (I recommend to all)
*Sprinkled on cheese
*Any choice of protein to add on top!

Cranberries give the salads a sweet taste.

I recommend this to everyone! This is great for a quick and healthy breakfast.
*One cup of Granola
*Your choice of favorite yogurt. 

I mainly have Special K because its easy and quick for when I need a simple snack or have to leave quick and don't have time to make something. The link below will take you to products and nutrition facts!

Easy, quick and tasty. Don't be afraid to add a little hot sauce ;)
*Egg Whites (4)
*Black Coffee

I posted this because this would have to be my favorite shake because it fills me up!
*1-2 hand fulls of organic spinach
*Half an orange
*1 Apple
*1 Banana
*5 Strawberries
*Any juice or liquid you prefer

On the left is a Jawbone UP bracelete which tracks how many steps I take a day, how many calories I burn doing what I do each day. It even tells me when the best time to go to bed and wake up to feel refreshed and awake. Everyone should take a look at these Here

The above is just a few of my daily meals that I eat. They are the most common pretty much oh and fruit! I eat as much fruit as I can!


  1. Ahhh let me know how the UP bracelet is! I am tempted to purchase it but want to know how others like it first!

    The blog is lookin cute!

  2. Thanks! Still getting use to how it all works. I love the bracelet. I recommend getting it. It tracks my steps and sleep schedule. It also lets me log my food which i love!

  3. Hi Breanna! I just found your blog via your comment on thesmallthings! It looks like we started our blogs around the same time, but yours looks so good! How do you like your UP bracelet? I have a fitbit, which is basically the same thing, and I find that it really does help me stay a lot more active, however I'm not so good at remembering to log my food. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, since I am now following you! :)

    1. Its nice to find someone who is just as new as I am! So far I love the UP band. I too forget sometimes to log my food. I do like that it lets me know when I haven't been active haha. Thanks for the follow I appreciate it!



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