Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wedding Season!

So a long time family friend is getting married in a few weeks and I can't decide on an outfit. I went out shopping and was in the mood for coral, tans and gold! These colors will help look a bit more tan ;) Would love anyones opinion on the outfit choices!

Front of dress!
Back of dress!

Love my new Steve Maddens! This may be the winner!

.: Hope you enjoyed the outfit choices :.



  1. Love the options! Both dresses are great and those Steve Maddens are perfect!

  2. Love the first dress best!!! So fun and those Steve madden wedges....I die!! Thanks for stopping by and following. New reader here, ;)

  3. peplum dress, steve madden pumps, necklace on the right, and both sets of bracelets. ;) love your blog! xo

  4. Alright, yes yes yes. Love that dress with the new steve maddens. SOOOO cute. Have fun at the wedding! Those are my fave! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw. I'm excited to be a new reader!

  5. love love love the first dress...coral is my fav color and was one of my wedding colors!

  6. Oh jeez. This is tough. I love dress 2. Nude shoes. Gold necklace. The bangles and the last ring.

    Please show us how you style it in the end! I should tell you that I love ALL of these options though, so you can't go wrong.

  7. Im obsessed with those Steve Maddens!



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